Saturday, 28 April 2012

Scottish Feminist Mormon Housewife Who Is Self Employed.

I'm glad I identify myself as a feminist. I'm not militant, aggressive, masculine or forceful. If you know me in real life you'll know I'm mild mannered, meek, slightly shy at first and have equal amounts of girlishness.

Being a feminist is having the foresight to see that every situation should be balanced, every circumstance considered and that women shouldn't be down trodden or replaced by a man if they are capable of carrying out a task. It is also, to me, realising that men and women DO have differences - and we shouldn't forget these, but rather celebrate them and enjoy everything that comes our way. We shouldn't forget that we are women; brilliant, curves at our hips, inventive, intelligent women. We shouldn't pick at others, or ourselves, just because it's the done thing. I'm done with the 'done thing' and I'm doing my own thing. 

And that is what I want to say and leave you with. Thanks for tuning in.