Friday, 27 April 2012



I know my gran and Roman's great gran would really disapprove of this photo but I seriously had to. I'm sorry gran. I'm sorry Roman. I'm so sorry I'm such a bad example at times...but I had to.

So, what happened here? We buy these little tubes that are filled with smoothies (as treats) for Roman. I opened one of the corners and because I was in a daze of pain and fatigue while opening it didn't open it all the way, thinking this would be fine. Yeah. I can think again on that one. He pushed out the smoothie and bam, this happened. It was like a smoothie explosion. I had to cover my mouth because I knee-jerk burst out laughing and felt instantly bad - but it was really funny.

This photo was the after math, before I grabbed the wipes. So yes, sometimes I'm a Crummy Mummy. 

But just the let the record show that he is not scarred for life...