Friday, 13 April 2012

Trifle for Breakfast.


I think we were up before anyone in our street, or so it seemed. I decided that trifle was an easy enough breakfast to have - it was just a case of lifting out last night's leftovers and scraping them into two bowls for two hungry tummies (mine and Roman's.)

With every spoonful that made it to his mouth it was met with a very vocal 'mmm!' along with trips back and forth to point at my bowl and make the same exclamations - over and over.

We also had an amusing exchange over the definition of trifle that went a little something like this:

Roman:  "CEE-RAL*! MMMM!" 
Me: "That's right, it's trifle."
Roman: "Cee-ral, ti-ful!"

*if you didn't already guess 'cee-ral' is cereal ;).