Thursday, 12 July 2012


I didn't mean to shy away from the camera - there was the issue of my toddler pulling my hair in front of my face, for a start - but it made me think about how uncomfortable I am when a camera is pointed in my direction and how I don't want to pass this onto Roman. I want him to be completely at ease with his beautiful self.

I spent the day very sick - I woke up through the night with shivers and body aches all over - and out of my surprise I asked Bryan to photograph me and Roman together, despite me not looking my best or least dis-shelved. Every time I asked Roman to kiss my tummy better he would scream "NO!" rather loudly and run away ;).  

Bryan brought me through a packet of dried fruit that I didn't manage to eat one piece of. Instead? Roman managed to get the packet open and quite happily munch on them once his nap was done. "Mummy's froot (fruit)," he told me. "Mmm!" and all I could do was laugh, to appreciate that he isn't ill and I just pray things stay that way - there's nothing worse than a sick child when you're sick yourself.

P.S: I nearly gave up on this project yesterday. Today I'm glad I didn't. I couldn't face lifting my camera yesterday and so I just decided that was that...the end of this photo a day project. When I used my camera today I felt so much lighter, so much more free because I wanted to use it. I'm glad I'm still going strong, I think I'd feel awful if I just gave up when we're so near to the end of it all.