Saturday, 14 May 2011

A Video A Day.

I was getting a tad obsessed over this walking dealio... 
so I decided to refocus my attention on a project with Roman. I remembered I'd been filming little snippets here and there and rather than bung a million videos up all at once, I decided to combine all the videos together in this sweet little video - which I will cherish for as long as I live.

I have had a very busy year so far so I haven't had the time I'd like to edit it.

Then an opportunity struck. My neighbour was partying until 4.30am (and keeping me awake!) I decided to join the party and finish up the video I've spent months on.

In other news: I haven't been having the happiest of weeks.

Also...someone did something sweet for me on their way to work today. 

Brought me a bunch of flowers.

I love flowers.

I am not going to be one of these 'flowers die and look ugly' people. I love flowers, even though plenty of people are allergic to them. I love them.

They make a place look like home.
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