Monday, 31 January 2011

Double Standards.

He's too quick off the mark for me.

Today, after his nap, Roman made a successful grab for his VTech book. The reason it's been out of reach for so long is that it's plastic and it's dangerous.

Roman got this one as a Christmas present so I feel bad about throwing it out - plus he loves the music on it - and so we've kept it and play him the lullabies at night time.

However, before Christmas I made a pledge to myself that I wouldn't buy him plastic toys/why I wasn't happy for him to have a plastic over load in the house and blogged about it all here.

But he loved this book from the minute he saw it lighting up on Christmas Eve.

And when he grabbed it today I felt bad about letting him play with it, but on the other hand he was enjoying himself too much and I would have felt terrible pulling it away from him.

In other words, I have double standards. 

But I'll tell you something, this is the last time I go back on something like this. 

Especially as he gets older and picks up on my influence in his life. Sure, he might just think I'm some crazy lady trying to ruin his life - like every other kid in the World.

As you can all see, he is properly engrossed in this book.

I try and join in with the incessant singing and explain to him that those are some pretty sunflowers...then he snaps the page over to another page before I have the chance. He looks up at me and smiles a big grin, going back to his book - snapping shut every page before the narration is done.

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