Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Our much loved (and much used) Graco buggy died a death on Christmas Eve.

It cost Bryan's parents a "fair whack" so I expected it would last a while - at least one year. So far it has provided service for over ten months and then the wheel snapped off in the snow - which, let's be fair, was Bryan's fault.

A nice clear un-iced pavement over a huge snow pile on the other side of the pavement, plus his Action Man manoeuvres to be more exact. So he decides it would be smarter to travel across the snow piles. Smart move. I mean that teenager on the iPod who was more or less bopping down the pavement really needed that clear path. Whereas us, with the buggy, (and me who moves at a snails pace) lets take the A&E route. The Buggy Breaker Route. Smaaaaart.

Crunch. Crack. Lots of swearing. The teenager with the iPod actually turned around to look at me like I was crazy. And maybe I am. But maybe, in eight years time, when she has a buggy with a child inside it, maybe then she'll be the one doing the screaming fish wife thing on the street on Christmas Eve. Which, in case you forgot, was also my birthday.

I've consoled myself since with the fact that Graco is a "cheap brand anyway/I don't need smelly Graco." Although is several hundred pounds worth of buggy really a cheap brand? Plus that buggy also doubled as a crib for many months, so really we probably got about two years out of it.

And the wheels were ready to give. They were getting balder than a bald eagle.

So, without consciously waiting for the sales, we got a buggy in the sales. With foot muff. I'd been worried about our old Graco (or aka That Piece of Junk in Roman's room) for some time. For a start it had made promises of being able to remove the material and wash it. Well, that didn't happen. You had to have a PhD in physics to work out how to remove the cover as it required moving and unscrewing parts of the buggy I never knew existed. So when it was rebuilt, it was out of shape and wouldn't go back to the position it had been in before.

And it was still smelly. 

It was great to push around, but it was also built like a tank, which isn't really practical when you don't drive or own a car and your buggy is the sole means of transporting your child around in a country obsessed with small aisles in shops and rude mannered people who even when you say in your most sugary, polite voice; "Excuse me, please" stand there like penguins at the North Pole.

So ding dong the Graco's dead and I'm actually quite pleased. 

Although, I'm not sure Roman is too pleased about being so low down in his new ride.

I'm also working on a new Header (which will replace the three sets of shoes; shoes which we've all strangely enough outgrown or thrown out - which isn't too strange, as that's what happens with shoes, but you get what I mean) and I am finding this a little trickier than making the previous header. 

So I need a vote in helping me make the choice and I will put the most voted/liked header up.

I have narrowed it down to two choices (although I know which one Bryan will like already):

Choice One:

And Choice Two:

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