Thursday, 27 January 2011

Hair cuts, hair loss and a few of my favourite things...

Hello World.

Lately I've noticed little strands of my hair falling out again. Remember when I blogged about it here?

It's not coming out in clumps or clogging up the drain, but it's definitely coming out little by little. I wonder if there's a weird eleven month hair falling out mark. 

My hair loss is compensated by Roman's gain of locks - he was starting to sport a baby mullet. So I  had to discretely cut his hair while he nearly stabbed himself about a hundred times. This was no mean feat, people. If he wasn't trying to grab the comb, he was trying to do a Winona in Edward Scissorhands (you know the scene, where she touches Edward's blades and cuts herself) and I had to be about twenty steps ahead of him, second guessing where his little fingers were going next. 

About an hour later the results were as follows:

Annnd I just had to add these. You know, because I over do the cute ;).

Look who learned how to use a comb (and was combing my hair, too.)

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