Monday, 3 January 2011

HAPPY New Year.

Welcome to 2011, everyone. 

Which for me, as a first-time parent, means I'm coming ever closer to the birthday of my first born.

Coming so close to being the parent of a one year old is quite a scary responsibility.

First of all, it is knowing that using a piece of material to play a simple game of peekaboo will eventually not provide the answer to all of life's upsets. But it is also a wonderful responsibility.

It is knowing that one day this nearly-one-year-old will have a nearly-one-year-old of their own and they'll be thinking all, or some, of the same thoughts that pass through my mind on an hourly basis; new, some not so new and some downright weird thoughts.

Some of them:

Wonder if I've won that competition for the eco-friendly cot/nursery set?
Wonder if Roman's head will get trapped in between the bars of his cot? (That are big enough to slip a baby sized leg through, by the way.)
I wonder what Roman's mission companions will be called/which country they'll be from/if he'll (in some kind of cool twist of fate) end up serving with his cousin, Ben?
How cool would it be if Roman served his mission in Spokane, Washington and the Kirk boys served in the Scotland/Ireland mission.
I wonder if he'll ever cut a tooth - looks like that one was answered on New Years Eve as we were greeted by a razor sharp tooth on the left hand side of the bottom gum and the next day another appeared neighbouring it.

Second of all, it is scary being so close to his first birthday because this time last year I remember just wanting it all to be over - not believing that a baby would actually appear, that it was all some myth. I remember being horribly ill and not letting on just how bad I was really feeling as I'd already been to hospital, strapped up to some uncomfortable monitor for a day and I didn't fancy spending more time strapped to more monitors...or worse, have to go through a C-section.

Then he ended up coming eight days later than scheduled - just to keep us on our toes. 

Thirdly I remember this time two years ago. I wasn't a mother or a wife. I was just me. On my own. Doing my thing. With an engagement ring, of course and a date of marriage in my mind; May 2009. That turned out to be 20th February, 2009.

Anyway, another thing about being a parent is waiting for the boredom/dread/regret to kick in. It still hasn't and I don't think it will. It really has been a Happy 2010 - not a lot of complaint from Roman (well if you catch him before dinner time you might get a few grunts of complaint) and loads of smiles.

A Christmas post is still in the works, as is a round-up of the year in photo's, but I wanted to start the year on a HAPPY note ;).

But yes, we did enjoy Roman's first Christmas.

And I have the funniest feeling he rather enjoyed it, too!

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