Tuesday, 5 April 2011


We've all been pretty busy these days.

I wish I could say that my 14 month old hasn't mastered the art of picking his nose, but it's true. He's picking his nose on quite a regular basis.


But I suppose it's just dust, right?

More Roman related things: We're (read: me) trying cloth nappies again.

It's not as though I stopped using them consciously. Life just got hectic and I got rather ill - which involved not sleeping a heck of a lot and being housebound (what's new?) for weeks on end.

B doesn't enjoy using cloth whereas I can't think of anything better but seeing as though he's doing a majority of the nappy changes we go with what he wants - it makes sense, doesn't mean I like it when it comes to me changing a disposable! 

Disposables drive me crazy. I can't fit them properly and I don't like that we're throwing money away on these kinds of nappies. I suppose most people will have an opinion on that, but that's mine.

I find that fitted cloth nappies work for me so I fitted Roman in one today. He had other ideas about where the wrap (outer layer that is waterproof) should go and began to wear it as a hat. He loves to peel the velcro apart and stick it back together - and I'm amazed he hasn't successfully pulled off a nappy yet.

I want to work on a few personal goals. I want to document my breastfeeding experience so far. I want to write about my trip to Thurso. I want to write about my Second Mother's Day. 

And in my professional life I've taken on a Distance Learning course so I can one day (when I've completed the course) do some freelance work in proofreading. I'm also just busy preparing some books to be sold and lots of other things I can't yet tell you about ;).

2011 is going to be busy!

I also thought it would be fun to add a little bonus picture at the end of this post, so click on 'read more' to see it ;). Hope you enjoy, I know I did.

Their faces make me laugh!

Have a nice day, everyone! 

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