Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Happy Pre-Easter.

This cake came up on my Blogfeed.

And talking of feed I would love to feed my face with it.

It looks totally delish. 

Chocolate hasn't appealed to me in weeks so when I saw this I really shouldn't have been bothered but it looks like the old chocoholic in me wants to fight to get out.


I love Cheeky Kitchen. Most of the recipes are not vegan and this is a good thing (it's like window shopping when you're broke.) I also have a little loss of will power when it comes to food, although the upside is that I am too sick to prepare, bake or cook anything unhealthy - or well, anything. 

I also love Easter. It's the one celebration I have never, ever had a problem with - maybe something to do with all that chocolate?

The best Easter I had was one year we were at my Gran's. We'd driven through after church like we did every year. Our dog at the time was called Goldie and she went everywhere with us. I can't even imagine having a dog now, they seem like so much hard work on top of the day to day everything else.

So we get to my Gran's and are loaded up on even more chocolate - I think we'd even went by my Granny and Granpa Kirk's, too, so well it was obvious I was going to be OD'ing on sugar. I burst into just about every Easter egg (I had a small frame and was a tiny girl when I was a kid) and had a bit of every one of them. They were sooo good. I never tired of chocolate. I could probably eat it till I burst and then keep on eating it.

And as a matter of fact, I did. We were playing some game we'd invented - which involved a lot of running around for some reason - meanwhile the adults were inside arguing about politics and playing Trivial Pursuit. 

I suddenly had a massive wave of nausea hit me. I didn't feel great at all. I turned back to run inside and threw up all over my Gran's front step. I knew if I admitted to throwing up that I wouldn't be allowed any more chocolate. So I did what any honourable child would do and I blamed it on the dog.

"Muuum! Daaaad!" I shouted from outside. "Goldie's been sick."

Goldie went without food the next morning.

I'm sorry old girl. I hope you're not going to haunt me for that one.

Note to my parents: Yeah, I kind of told a white lie. I'm sorry about that.

And speak of Easter...

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*Oh and I'm sorry guys, girls and dogs: this offer is UK only :(. And well...everyone knows chocolate is poisonous to dogs so I'm sure the dogs won't mind so much.