Tuesday, 12 April 2011

"Make Mine a Margarita," said the 15 month old to the waiter.

As a family we've dined out a few times.

Largely those times were to celebrate one thing or another or because my Mum was there - the fact my Mum is there should double as a celebration because she is awesome.

So when you go out you don't ever (ever!) imagine that your child will be served alcohol. Especially a 15 month old infant, right?


Let's skip to the news I was reading about a little 'incident' that happened in an Applebee's in Detroit. Now in my British ignorance coupled with my quick Google skills I am going to deduce that Applebee's is a family friendly kinda joint - after all they have a Kid's Menu. 

So how did this happen? Did the Mother of the child quickly nip to the loo when the drink was served and somehow the child got a hold of the glass and took a swig? Okay, although that would even be a stretch, wait till you hear what did happen.

Are you ready for this one?

A member of staff put some Margarita straight into the 15 month old's sippy cup. His Mum started noticing something was amiss when her son started "saying hi and bye to the walls." His Mum tasted his 'apple juice' and discovered it was booze. The boy was taken to hospital and luckily his blood-alcohol level was totally normal.

I think what did it for me was when his Mum said;  "Nobody at the table ordered alcoholic drinks."

Um, what? So nobody ordered a Margarita? The helpful staff saw you were having a hard day and just decided to help chill your kid out for you? How considerate of them.

The stupidity of people knows no bounds.

 Did they run out of apple juice that day and think Margaritas sounded like a decent substitute

I know that if that happened to my child there would be a nice big juicy lawsuit for Applebee's to drink out their sippy cups.

Read the full story here.

So what do YOU think? 

Do Applebee's need to train their staff a tad better (lolz)? 

Is it perfectly okay to supply booze to a 15 month old?