Friday, 3 June 2011

All good laptops go to Laptop Heaven.

I am writing this from my husband's laptop.
My own one DIED in the afternoon. It all started last night when I kept asking him to bring me a glass of water. "In a minute," he kept saying, meanwhile I dehydrated further. I wasn't being a diva, I was ill. Otherwise I would have hauled ass into the kitchen myself. So he got annoyed at me asking for liquids and in a huff he slammed it down next to me when he brought it through. Water went everywhere. 

    Next, I was nearly electrocuted. Luckily I thought fast and got that battery straight out. We tipped it upside down and panicked. Yes, B did panic. 
Can't remember what happened next. Probably lots of swearing. It helps, okay. Anyway, moral of the story: drink out of bottles, dehydrate in future and one splash and it's ash!   Needless to say I haven't drank anything since then. I am worried what will happen next. A new laptop will have to be purchased - which will be a hardship I am sure, right? It sucks as I was saving that money for a camera. B has said to me 'get both.' Nothing like a guilty conscience ;). 

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