Friday, 10 June 2011

One Heck of a Week!

I've had a really exciting week (more to come on the whys next week.) So, for now I present to you some pretty pictures from the Awesome People Hanging Out Together tumblr. 

(Edit. B to me just now: "Whose the first picture?"
Me: "Who? Oh, Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart."
B: "Whose Martha Stewart when she's at home?"
He didn't know who Martha Stewart was. Um, seriously?!)

Charlie Chaplin and Helen Keller. I just find this picture absolutely gorgeous and so moving at the same time. I am inspired.

This one, because my husband really admires Bruce Lee and because I think Chuck Norris-isms are the

And this, because my husband had no idea who Andy Warhol was up until I marched him into a library, ran to the art section and began lecturing him on pop art ;). Um I really hope he knows who Alfred Hitchcock is...

My favourite president with one of my newest favourite actors.

Not much of a fan of Chanel or surrealist paintings - but this picture is cool either way ;).

Have an awesome weekend, hopefully hanging out with some awesome people in your own lives :)!

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