Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A Few Of my Favourite Things:

The fantastic sent me a treat in the post this week.

Do you recall when I said I was going sugar-free and on a personal journey to be a healthier person all round?

Well, I have definitely been sticking to that goal. But I think we all know what happens when you make a pledge with yourself; you suddenly start noticing all those foods you're avoiding. And you really want to snack on something very unhealthy (Or plant your face right into a vat of chocolate bars/crisps/cakes/whatever food vice you have.)

Well, I have been staving off those pangs with more healthy alternatives; dried fruit and frozen fruit smoothies at the end of my meals. I have also upped my intake of nuts; protein, good unsaturated fat and calories, which we all need to fuel us. So long Atkins, hello healthier food choices.

I was so excited to get my little brown box of healthy goodies (above image) today and I felt good about the selection I was offered in my well being box; plenty of nuts, plump moist dried fruit and of course some very yummy dark chocolate coated cocoa beans.

The inside of the box was split into four generous compartments and inside these compartments was an individual box of healthy antioxidant rich snacks. 

I just want to add this wasn't the box I was sent - no olives for me!

Inside the Box:

Eldorado was by far by my most loved selection; a mixture of chocolate covered cocoa beans, cranberries and hazelnuts. When I eat the punnets I like to mix the flavours together by eating a few pieces of fruit, nuts and beans together - it was delish! 10 out of 10!

Lost was my second favourite. I say second because I'm not much of a fan of banana in general and this had banana 'coins' (dried circular banana shapes) in the mix. However, for the interest of trying everything once in life I gave them a go. I was very surprised as they're about the only dried banana thing I would eat ever again; they were moist and I had expected a crunchiness. Mix up the banana with some coconut and jumbo raisins and you're laughing. Okay, you're not laughing, you're drooling because it is very yummy. One of these boxes is one of your five a day9 out of 10.

Love Mix is in a close tie breaker with the Lost selection. Good points; tastes brilliant with the most moist dried cherries I've ever had and the fig like taste of the goji berries but I'm not too keen on the apricots. This didn't matter because the cherries were a-maz-ing! Seriously. Why can't dried fruit you buy in the shops taste like this? Graze definitely have a superior quality when it comes to these healthy snacks versus the supermarket brands. I was quite surprised to find out that one of these boxes was two of my five a day. No effort required other than enjoyment. 9 out of 10. 

Rock The Casbah. I rate this lower than all of the other three boxes because I really do have a sweet tooth after all and this mix was definitely more of a nutty mix with walnuts and pumpkin seeds. It did have dates in the mix which are probably one of the sweetest fruits going in terms of taste and this gave it a nice sweet kick. One of your five a day, too! 8 out of 10.

I've bought Graze boxes in the past and have always proclaimed that they were pretty amazing. I'm also happy to recommend them to everyone who will listen. The only downside to Graze is that they only deliver in the UK! Keep everything crossed they'll smash the European/rest of the world market.

My favourite features of the Graze box itself is that the box, little booklet and napkin you receive can be recycled. The punnets are individual and are completely sealed so it means you don't have to eat everything right away (although I dare you not too.) When you choose a selection on their site you can see what you're buying - and trust me when I say there is a huge selection on there. 

What I loved was that their fruit was so soft but juicy. The nuts weren't hard to chew and when you mix all the flavours together you really get a full on flavour experience party in your mouth ;). Lovely! 

The thing I like about is that they care; about the environment and they also have a Graze school of farming that teaches students how to grow, maintain and then harvest fruit from their orchards. This is to help the local people improve their nutrition and create sustainable sources of income - absolutely love the scheme. 

Graze were fantastic and put this box together especially for me as they know how hard I am working towards bettering my eating and nutritional habits - they are lovely like that! The selection is huge and varied. As you all know, we are a vegan household. So I enjoyed snacking on healthy vegan treats in my box, but you can tailor your box to fit whatever needs and dietary requirements you have.

YUM! Ro gets stuck into the coconut shreds from the 'Lost' punnet.

Not only did they send me a whole box of healthy snacks free of charge, they've also done you readers a fan-dabby-dozzy deal! Just for you lot they're going to give YOU a free box, too! And, there's more; if you order another box they'll give you it half-price.

Just use this code:


When you order you won't need to wait in for delivery of the box, it fits straight through your letterbox. You could even have them deliver it to your work; better than running to the vending machines for a Kit Kat, right? Or do you know someone who needs a little healthy snack pick me up? Pop one in the post and take advantage of free postage. 

I do love free postage and lush healthy goodie boxes!

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