Thursday, 9 June 2011

A Few Of my Favourite Things: Nakd Raw Bars.

Nakd treated me to some Raw Bars last week in the post to review.

I'm still on my 'get healthy, get happy' kick - you can read about that here - and so I'm on the look-out for anything that will make being healthy fun as well. 

Raw Bars, to me, are like bars of sheer heaven. I honestly like them a lot. 

I first tasted these wonder bars (see what I did there? ha!) around Christmas 2010 when my husband stuffed a few into my Christmas stocking (never too old for a stocking at Christmas I say) and well, stocking fillers for peeps on a vegan diet can be interesting and sparse at the best of times. And yes he did slip in a bar or two of chocolate, but most of my 'treats' were raw bars.

The Roman seal of approval.
Since then we haven't been able to get enough of them and guess what? Roman loves them, too. I break off a little piece for him and he will happily sit and munch it down. I'm happy to feed them to him as a treat because I know they're made from nothing but natural vitamins and minerals. They're also 100% dairy free, high in fibre and are a very tasty whole food treat - for Mum and Roman. Dad also likes them, too, and he does not have a sweet tooth.

Yum! A selection of the bars I received. 
So what did I like the most? My beloved cocoa orange bar which happens to be Roman's favourite, too, of course and some other new tastes that were thrown in there; like the ginger bread raw bar (um, yum!) which actually tasted like ginger bread, minus the bread, dairy and processed sugars of course ;). For the first time I tried the cocoa delight bar and was great. It tasted exactly like a brownie. But without the calories, sugar and fat of a brownie.

 I can say hand on heart that when you eat these bars you don't feel like you're missing out on the riches of chocolate (which I have abandoned for a while now) or other 'treats' that aren't too much on the healthy side. I honestly think our supermarkets should replace the unhealthy, over processed chocolate bars they sell and put Raw Bars in their place.

For Raw Bars I would honestly and sincerely give them a 10 out of 10 product rating. Their packaging is superb; high quality and in attractive colours. Their product is of course supreme - and very, very tasty!

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