Sunday, 26 June 2011

Bad Week.

We had to go to the hospital on Wednesday.

I wasn't too scared because the doctor hadn't ordered an ambulance but I was scared at the urgency he wanted us at the Children's Ward. I promised myself that no matter what I would be there through every and any horrible procedure. It wasn't about me, it was about my son and he needed my strength. I haven't always been so stringent about these things as I couldn't be in the room when, at a few days old, he had a heel prick Guthrie test. Stupid, really, after all we'd just been through together with his birth.

B was of course there, along with his parents.

Things moved slowly but quicker than any time I have been to hospital and every time a doctor or nurse came into the room they did a good job at reassuring us.

Luckily I'd had the foresight to pack an overnight bag - but guess what? We had an awesome doctor (who is the second person to pick up on Ro's Umbilical hernia) who was confident about sending us home, along with the ward telephone number and an absolute assurance from us that we'd call if he got worse - which is a given.

I was beginning to get comfortable living with these two healthy people; happy in the fact that we don't have to rush to hospital, get blood drawn or be scared half to death with the disease of every parent's nightmares. 

I don't think smugness is chastised but I do think that I need to stop getting comfortable in all these temporary situations in life when everything can change in a minute.

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