Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Roman's Fathers Day gift.

Yesterday we had a delivery.

 B has been driving me up the wall since last week about his kettlebell. I've had chapter and verse on this little (it's actually quite heavy and bigger than I thought) contraption.

Anyway, I don't care how big it is or that it seems mighty unsteady, I'm just glad it's here.
I have my husband back to some kind of normality and relatively content. 

Which is more than can be said about me after Sunday's hair cutting fiasco. Yeah, as you can tell, we have a Mini G.I Joe in our midst. I'm still coming to terms with his shorn locks - and I don't care if my Dad says it makes him look 'grown up' as he was the one who took my 18 month (or was it 2 year old?) old brother to the barbers and tell them he wanted a number one all over. My Mum didn't even recognise her own son when she saw what my Dad had done. I think I had the same reaction on Sunday only I caught B half way through the hair cut - with lots of shrieking and tears from the Boy - only to realise he'd have to keep going. 

Anyway, his head feels like a jaggy, fuzzy peach. He wasn't a bald baby so I'm not used to it at all; I'm used to wild, free flowing mind-of-it's-own kind of hair. And I've also grown a very thick, almost reptilian, layer of skin when it comes to the personal crap people say to me about my own son. 

"Oh! Are you not giving him a hair cut?" No, we're never cutting it EVER! In fact he's going to be a giant hair monster. Didn't we tell you? Oh yeah, we never, because it's none of your business ;). 

So, hair aside, the kettle bell was Roman's Fathers Day present to B. When I quizzed him about what he'd like some weeks ago he replied; "A really nice knife." Concerned that he was a serial killer while I slept, I gave him The Look and asked why a knife. "I hate our knives, they're crap," he replied. "So I'd really like a nice, good, sharp knife for Father's Day."

I found this really odd because before we were married B made a comment about appliances as presents (he won't remember but I do.) I can't remember our conversation, but it was about rubbish gifts people might buy each other (of which I have never been a recipient I'm glad to say) and B pipes up with; "That's about as clever as getting your wife a hoover (vacuum) for Christmas." That comment made my year because B is like me, he get's the whole gift thing and he, like me, buys very thoughtful and well thought out gifts - and since we've been married it's only got better. 

So I was surprised; surprised he'd asked for a knife and surprised because I thought he'd push his luck into getting something better. I was also surprised when I announced he should get something better than a good knife and told him to buy a kettlebell - and to do it before I changed my mind.

I think I'm a pretty awesome wife as wives go. I'm down with a lot of things B wants to do, I support all his crazy ideas (although, generally, that's me with the crazy ideas) and I get him things he's wanted for years. And he doesn't buy me appliances for birthdays or Christmas - and when he does buy them there is no 'this is for you' feeling about it.

Although, I do get pretty excited about new appliances.
 That's until I have to use them.

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