Friday, 29 July 2011

Rainbow Cake: Could I be a food blogger?

I have seen many variations on the Rainbow Cake but by and large my favourite of favourites has to be the Rainbow Cake from Whisk Kid pictured below.

I have told myself a lot of times, on a whole number of occasions I don't dare count, that I could start documenting my food; pictures, recipes, ease of cooking - the lot, all put up here for vegans and meat eaters alike to visually feast upon. Then I remembered; I'm a lazy chef. I don't like things that take patience or a whole lot of effort. 

I look at recipes and think to myself; "Ah, we don't need that ingredient!",  just so I didn't have to go and pick something up from an out of the way health food store. I like easy cooking. Rainbow cakes - which require six layers to be cooked - are not under the category of easy cooking. That's stress and a lot of food colouring everywhere cooking. Not my style.

But I applaud this new style of cake to the Internet Land, Welcome in Rainbow Cake, you're most welcome here and anyone who cooks you should most definitely post a zillion photos of you so I can drool over your fruity food colouring layers while I visualise myself biting into your cakey, spongy goodness. 

However I'm not too sure I will ever make a Rainbow Cake (does that make me a failed Molly Mormon?). And it's worth noting that I don't do the cooking round here. I gave it up when my health got worse and I resorted to eating out of packets and tins for a while until Bryan learned that fresh cooking saves money. And your waist line. 

These days toast is my speciality. So if anyone has a good Rainbow Toast recipe, throw it my way ;). 

P.S: Holy smokes...I found Rainbow Toast here

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