Thursday, 14 July 2011

Home Vanity: Moving Home Edition.

They totally did a major tidy up before they took pics.

In a few short weeks I move to my first 'I get to furnish this place' home since I have been married so I have been indulging in a little interior spying.

My first port of call is Apartment Therapy - a website designed for people who always seem to keep their homes tidy and are pretty nifty with a jigsaw (I don't mean the puzzle, I mean the saw variety...but you knew that, unlike me a few months ago.) This website features the crème de la crème of interiors and the wonderfully put together homes shot on top notch DSLR's by their home owners.

There is no way that I can compete on this league, but I can aspire, right? I can day dream that I too will one day own a 'retro kitsch modern two tone loft.' Okay, what? I don't want to live in loft. Too cramped. But you catch my drift.

Here retro amounts to a cigarette burned couch or those hideous 1900's inspired carpets with lots of puke shade flowers on them. 

I want to be a bread-makin' lemonade pourin' wife. I want to make pies in my kitsch little kitchen and have my sexy husband shoot countless photos of me doing so - you know, all casual and of course I would be dressed 1950s style to complete the look I'd be going for. But I don't know if they sell 1950's style pyjama's and although my husband is sexy it's a rare occasion that you'll catch him taking photos - even though he's talented at it (I never tell him that as I don't like to praise him too often, his ego is big enough as it is.) 

Another problem we've faced living here is the matter of a guest bed. What do you all do when you have guests round? Do they take the couch? Air mattress? Do you have a spare bed? What's your set up?

Ours was letting guests sleep in the spare bed in Roman's room but that doesn't always work out too great and obviously as we're moving we won't have a spare bed. I'm thinking a sofa bed will solve this...or you know we could install a bed into the bathroom like these people did:

Or not.

It all looks so effortless and impossible. But there is one silver lining and it's this; a lot of these people are trying to cram their lives into small spaces. This is something we have been doing for nearly 3 years and we don't have to do that any more. Our new home is ready and waiting with lots of cupboards, storage and..wait for it, because this is good...a handy little antique/second hand furniture store just ONE street behind us. 

I am mega excited, hopeful and very happy. I get over excited about things these days because there usually isn't good news for me health-wise ("No cure Mrs. Quinn."/"Nothing we can do."/"Go home and do nothing." Plus all the notes I get telling me I can't work, can you say frustrated?) and I am very excited about how quickly we've been blessed with this new place - it just appeared, we called up, B had a look around the place and before I know it our place here is up for grabs and we're moving in a few weeks time!

So, when we move, and whenever I get up the motivation/energy/get up and slow (you know, like get up and go ;) I will give you my own version of Apartment Therapy right here on this wee blog. I can't promise pie-making in my awesome more-than-enough-room-to-swing-a-cat-kitchen* but I can promise that it will be mine, it will be genuine and it will be awesome, all in it's own right. 

Oh yeah and I can't wait to make lemonade! Although, seriously, I am not prepared to give myself Type 2 Diabetes so if you know a sugar free/healthier alternative to traditional lemonade, throw it my way.

*No cats will be harmed in the taking of photographs.

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