Thursday, 7 July 2011

If You Could {Blog Hop}

I'm excited to host my very own Blog Hop.

Here's how it works: Add your blog at the end of this entry, copy and paste my questions to a new blog entry and fill in your own answers! :). For extra brownie points, add my little photo (above) and I'll love you forever!

Let's see what everyone is thinking! 

If you could, would you change your name? 

No. Cara is a nice name to have, I reckon. 

If you could, would you turn back time?

No because there isn't a time in my history where I've been as happy as I am now.

Where did you grow up? If you could, where would you have chosen to grow up?

In the United Kingdom, but more specifically in Scotland. It's a strange place if you're visiting but to live here it grows on you. Like a fungus ;). I believe I did choose Scotland, so that's the funny thing. But if I could now live somewhere else in my dreams it would be Los Angeles and in my not-too-faraway dreams it would be London, England. 

If you could give one person the day of their dreams, who would it be and what would you be doing?

 Bryan. My health would be perfect so we'd be doing normal stuff that most healthy folk take for granted. Going out somewhere, walking a lot, I'd probably break into a run if I had perfect health just to see what it felt like...but this is his day, right? ;). I'm sure it would be very simple and humble, though, because that's the kind of man he is. Either that or we'd be spending the day with Mike Mahler or Bruce Lee (people are allowed to be resurrected for the day!)

If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Gnocchi with garlic stuffed olives and sundried tomatoes. And because I am a glutton; vegan cheesecake with vegan squirty cream (of which I have never ever tried.)

What are your If You Could answers? 

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