Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Old Versus New: The Bathroom.

I'm running a little Blog series called "Old Versus New" in order to make me feel better about moving to a new place - did I mention I get utterly anxious about moving? 

It's basically a comparison project between our old place and our new place. My photo's of interiors are shocking, so it might not be the best photography you'll ever witness, but really - who cares? If you're anything like me you love looking into other people's homes so the quality of the pictures doesn't matter at all. 

First in the series is The Bathroom:


Over head shower.
Hand rails (especially for me.)

No hot water for the majority of our tenancy.
A real grime magnet.
Sink had a huge space at the back - dirt magnet.
Wall paper was peeling off the wall before we moved in.
Big old mouldy wall (not seen in the pictures.)
Bath had several cracks on the outside - what's with that?


Nice big deep bath.
Hot water.
No mouldy wall.
Intact wall fact there is no wall paper to worry about getting mouldy.

No shower - fitting one in will cost hundreds, need to apply for permission to fit one from Local Authority and not willing to plumb one in to raise the landlord's value on the place.
No shower rail or curtain.
Smaller-ish sink. No biggie on that.


I'm almost too embarrassed to show this photo, but here it is. My bog, loo, lavvy, toilet. And that wall. That flippin', fetchin', hecker of a wall ;).


I'm happy with having an old style toilet. It means I can finally put a Hippo into the tank (and yes I am a cheap skate, what of it?)

This bathroom is bigger. Not massive, but big enough to make me happy...yeah I'm quite an easy to please person. I'm also happy about having a medicine cabinet - at least, that's what we called them where I'm from - to store all our crap things in.

Oh yeah and I can feel a bamboo laundry whites/darks mixer basket coming on for this room. Do ya feel me on that?

 It's worth noting that we Scots don't usually have the luxury of an en suite - and it adds a silly amount to the price of the rent or mortgage. I can only assume that because we're not living in new builds that we're not usually afforded this luxury.

However it has long since been a dream of mine to have an en suite in one of the homes I occupy so here's to wishin' and a hopin' - girls gotta have dreams, right? Even if they are en suite related.

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Okay so I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of both old and new bathrooms. 

Join me next week for Part Two: The Living Room. 

I know it will blow your minds! (Or, you know, keep that part of your voyeuristic curiosity satisfied.)