Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Ro, why must you grow?

In an effort to get better organised for our move I decided to start somewhere that won't overwhelm me too much; my SD memory card. I came across photographs taken in Feb-March and was taken aback by just how much Roman has changed.

Between being a full time Mum, moving to a new place and everything between I have some time to think. And ponder.

For a start I don't think about things too much any more. If I did I think I would be freaked out that I'm married and not only that, I have a child. I am a mother. I thought it would be this massive deal and although it is; the days merge into one, weeks are a lump sum and suddenly I find myself tallying up months and now we're onto the second year of my son's life. 

How can time move so quickly? 

When I held a newborn in my arms I wanted so much. I pondered a lot; I can't wait until he can speak, walk and eat meals with us.

I wonder now how my parents must feel - to know that those newborn babies grew up and had babies of their own. I want that so much for Roman but at the same time, can I really picture it? Yes, of course, in some far away and distant visual but in reality I can't see it because it feels like a million years away. But it will come. And I'll probably cry tears of mixed emotions.

P.S: when you read this post I will hopefully be in the bosom of my new place! I'm running a few scheduled posts that I've written in advance - isn't technology wonderful?

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