Sunday, 10 July 2011

This is what it's all about...

 "Moments are the molecules
 that make up eternity."
Elder Neal A.Maxwell. 

It's my Dad's birthday today and usually he doesn't like a big fuss made but I am going to share with you a story about one of his birthday's I remember. I think it was his 40th birthday and he really didn't want any fuss made. He's that kind of a guy. We were in France this year and my Mum really wanted to go all out for him. So she had us drawing these signs saying "HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY DAD!" which we plastered on the caravan window and I think a sign even made it onto his car window. When he saw it he was suitably mortified but I think secretly touched. Or at least that's the reaction we were hoping for ;). Anyway, the whole day was awesome and all about us; the kids. Or rather, the family. 

I know that my Mum is a massive influence on how important family is but it's both my parents who've taught me how really important it is. And it's through life's little moments that I've learned this, it was through experiences like the above that I've come to realise just how precious people are.

I once heard (and can't remember where from) a quote that basically summed up life. That life is a flash in the pan experience, it can slip through your fingers very easily and that each moment was worth living because death was an eternity. This life is only brief.

It may feel like it stretches on forever, endlessly, but it really flies by. 

Last week I wasn't sure what meaning my life held any more. I felt so pointless, useless and pathetic. I tried to cry and the tears wouldn't even well up in my eyes. I thought of worst case scenarios in my mind and the tears came freely. I felt horrible the next day because I'd given into these despairing thoughts.

My Dad gave me some advice about feeling like this - although, truthfully, he didn't know the depths of my emotions at the time but I don't think that was important - and it made me eternally grateful that I am his daughter. He basically said that I made the mistake of thinking that these problems and feelings will last forever - when in all reality they are fleeting. And it's true. Happiness and sadness are never constant; they always fluctuate so why should I give into one emotion or the other? 

So, what's important to me? My Saviour's pure love. My Heavenly parents that only want the best for me. My sweet son and loving, caring husbandMy Earthly parents (kind and dear.) My family. The precious few friends I have.

And I am grateful for so much more. So much, much more.

So do I believe we're all made of stars like Moby sung about? No. We're not made of stars; we're made up of molecules. Tiny atoms. And so is time. Life's moments really are tiny in comparison to what we have ahead; eternity. This is why life is so precious, so significant and so worth living.

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