Thursday, 8 November 2012

'I Do It!'

Increasingly there is one phrase I've been hearing a lot of: 'I do it.' 

I put on his clothes and I hear it, I try to put on my clothes and I hear it, I make breakfast and I hear it and since my aunt has been and gone I've also been hearing it every time I attempt to do the dishes. 

"I do it, mummy, I do dishes. Get mah stool and I do it!" Okay, Roman, you do it and I'll stand here and not put up a fight. Surprisingly he did a rather decent job with washing up and after telling him once where things went to dry the concept of washing and drying seemed to sink in, too. In these moments I really love this age; the age where your child aims to learn everything you do for them, the age of independence that can sometimes be fraught with big servings of frustration...but at least for this morning Roman could do it and he gently reminded me that I need to stand back and just be more often.