Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Day He Wore This To Bed..

Wrong Way Round.

Roman has been frequently dressing himself with great success. But sometimes he'll make these clothes faux pas ;).

Also he's really loving 'Cars' (as in the Disney film) a lot right now. He's only watched the second film once but ever since then he's been hooked on Lighting McQueen - just like my little (or not so little any more) nephew who lives in the States. 


As a side note: I've been indulging him in this one, even though these pictured above PJs are old and from last year, but I don't plan on buying into the Disney franchise if I can help it. Not for any reason other than they over price their low quality items and I'd rather spend my money on something better for Roman but he's had his eye on this Lighting McQueen cushion and I'm not sure whether or not to buy it for a Christmas/birthday present.

I know Disney loving is a phase for a majority of children and for me that's totally fine but I've noticed that I can spend the amount I would on Disney items for something that will 1. look better and 2. wear well with time. These above PJs haven't really lasted well when I compare them with other PJs he's had for the same time and a lot of the Disney toys look cheap and tacky to me - or is that the point? I don't know these days!