Friday, 9 November 2012

My Family.

The time came for Bryan to be the 26 year old today. I've known him since he was 18 years old; I've seen him change, grow and mature. I've watched him prepare and then head off on a mission. When he came back, two years later, it was all I could think about. My best friend was home and I decided to come home, back to Scotland, to be with him forever. Little did I know that it wouldn't just be him I'd get in that bargain but I'd also gain a son. 

So today I'm grateful for the choices Bryan helped me make in being with him, in having our family because without him there would be no Roman to celebrate and certainly not a 26th birthday today to celebrate, in our home, the one we made together.

And without Roman I wouldn't have known this funny little person, a true personality ;).