Saturday, 18 February 2012



His independent streak has always been very prominent but there is still this baby-ness to my little boy. I sometimes think; 'is he like other two year olds?' and I follow that up with thinking 'Oh, but there's so much he's doing that most two year old's don't do. Don't worry.'

His speech and diction are very clear for a boy of his age. His awareness startles me at times - he copies everything. He hears a word once and remembers it forever. He'll say words that we haven't even used around the house but that I'm sure he's picked up from outside - he'll randomly tell me what things are and I haven't even told him what they are. He counts to 10 and will count off to 5 using his fingers. 

He's learned a lot of colours this week because he's been allowed let loose with crayons, chalks and paints. Today, when he returned back from the supermarket with a Peppa Pig mask he kept saying 'pink' over and over - at first we thought it was 'pig', but it didn't sound like pig. Then we realised he was pointing to Peppa's skin colour. 'Pink.'

I don't want to predict or write the future here, that's not my job, but I feel like we have the makings of a little brain box on our hands. Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know. But with an intelligent husband who seems to follow the same pattern of learning as Roman it wouldn't be too far fetched to assume Ro Ro might follow the same path.

I don't want to push him into anything, or to 'be' anything but himself. And right now he's a ball of innocence. My two year old who learns something new every single day and me, his mother, who stands by his side and learns even more just by being with him here.