Saturday, 21 May 2011


So are you surprised the World didn't end today as predicted?

I sure aint.

I've had a wonderful weekend so far and I am quite excited for Dr. Who tonight - My sanity relies on weekly fixes of the Doctor in order to get through the week.

My parents dropped by on Friday night and spent the morning with us. They live six hours drive away so when they visit it's a treat for us all. 

Look what my Mum bought for the Ro-Man:

Loving my little Panda Bum :).

So, here's to a great weekend! I hope you all have great times resting up from the week (I know I will be doing plenty of that having just overcome the World's Most Epic Cold.)

Some posts to expect this week:

We Are Family: A Tale of Two Sisters.
Easy Vegan Recipe (Following on from this series I have started.)
Clothing It: Our Cloth Nappy Experience.

Stay tuned for all that and more!

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