Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Other Half.

I go on about The Other Half of me quite a bit - B, my love, my husband, best friend and everything in between.

I used to think a majority of guys were brainless jerks motivated by boobs, but I still managed to power my way through dating a lot of them.

I was fed up of dating when B got home from his LDS mission (I love LDS missions, I fully endorse them to all able bodied/worthy young men and women!) and made it perfectly clear I did not want a relationship with him. Ever. I even went onto rant to several people about how much better off alone I truly was (looks like Beiber was right when he said 'never say never.')

Um yeah, that was before he spoke to me on the phone for four hours, listing the many ways in which he would be a better boyfriend - and made no bones about marriage, either, may I add - than anyone else. Ever. He wouldn't hang up until I agreed to a second date (in a non creep-fest way.)

He did the thing I wanted everyone to do. Never give up on me. Because so many had. And  he knew everything (oh yes, everything) about me and still loved me in spite of that - and vice versa for me and him.

Like the Marilyn Monroe quote says, he saw me and handled me at my worst and definitely deserves me at my best. 

That's why I'm glad he's joining the Blogging ranks and has set up his own little blog all about democracy and his views on the World (we kinda, totally, LOVE democracy in this household.) So, if you want a view into a wonderful mind, go and check out Bryan's World.

I can't wait to see the things we talk about on this blog of his!

And since we're on the subject of blogs; I need votes DAILY on Top Baby Blogs. Why daily? Because I want the #1 slot! :) And, just sayin', but you can vote twice in a day. Yay!

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