Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wednesdays Wishes.

1. I wish it was Christmas.

I'm a Christmas Eve baby (no I don't get more presents, yes I get two separate presents and yes I still celebrate Christmas) and for a long time I didn't really enjoy Christmas. Since Christmas 2010 that all changed for the better. I LOVE Christmas. My only wish today is that tomorrow was Christmas. That would be sweet.

2. Co-sleeping.

Sometimes I wish we were still co-sleeping...but baby boy didn't like this arrangement a whole lot so we had to rethink our game plan. We followed safety guidelines for co-sleeping and in the early days I found it essential. Ro hasn't had any issues with moving from bed to crib or cot full time and I feel it's down to our relaxed attitude. On a rare occasion he will slip in with us, but this doesn't always work out well for him. I wish it had worked better, but I'm happy with where we're at just now.

So those are my wishes for today, the good thing is that Christmas isn't too far away now, and the co-sleeping not working out means more bed space for me!

So what are your Wednesday Wishses? Link up here to share.

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