Friday, 27 May 2011

Guess What?

Operation Working on Being a Better Mum to this guy & here's how:

I'm going sugar free for good.

I can't count on my two hands how many lives sugar has ruined. Sure, you need an excess of it for it to do real and lasting damage (teeth, mainly and the fact it makes people huge and that then causes them to get horrible illnesses like Type 2 Diabetes) I have made the leap to go sugar free for good.

This doesn't include natural sugars or food where I don't know there is sugar - although seeing as my diet is pretty great I don't see any room for error on that. 

I'm fed up of feeling that sluggish, tug of the guts feeling every time I have sugar in my life; which has been less and less these days.

I have been following (not to the letter) the 4 Hour Body Slow Carb diet. I guess this is my own adapted version as I am still eating fruit and potatoes - and pitta bread. By following I don't mean it's a fad. I plan on sticking to this for a long time coming because I have never felt better. Of course, feeling better could be an absolute fluke and I do make allowances that when I'm extra sick that I eat foods I can manage; smoothies, yoghurts and maybe even some wholemeal crisps.

Truth is since cutting out my unhealthy eating habits of snacking and not keeping regular eating patterns (they waver a tad these days but are generally better) I feel so, so much better. 

Yesterday I stuffed a bagel into my face at 1am. This is what I mean when I say I am not sticking to the letter of how I want my diet to be.

This isn't about looking at myself and being disgusted - I like myself a whole, whole lot and my confidence isn't effected by how I look - this is genuinely about finding a better way to 'be' with eating and my eating habits. I am not obsessed with losing weight, it will come off and that's that. This is about being a healthier version of me.

And I feel a whole lot better.

If people want to lose weight the formula is to eat less and do more. I am not looking for a formula because I already know that, I want a key to being a healthier person and maintaining realistic eating habits.

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