Friday, 16 March 2012



Roman doing sign language for 'hat.'

As we were watching Mr. Tumble  Roman rather enjoyed joining in with the signs that Mr. Tumble was showing us; 'clothes,' 'scarf,' 'gloves' and finally 'hat.' 

P.S we're working on phasing out the remainder of disposable nappies so we can go at least part time with pants. A few people have told me; "GO FULL TIME WITHOUT NAPPIES," and then I've had conflicting views of "GO WITH NAPPIES, BUT ONLY IF HE HAS A NAP AND AT NIGHT."

We're going to try the pants, see how he gets on with those and then make up our minds about whether or not to even use cloth nappies, but they're there - just in case. I feel like he'll never be out of nappies, but I have to keep up the hope that we'll get there - eventually - we just need to be strong and consistent when his underpants do arrive (also - it's near impossible to go to a shop and buy a decent pack of pants for a little boy! So I bought online.)