Saturday, 17 March 2012

Saturday: New Pants Edition.


Being locked in your own home is not much fun. But seeing as we were locked in for the day - with only access to the garden, seeing as Bryan had a Priesthood meeting at church and took the keys. If I had gone out the front I would have locked myself out - I decided to try out the new pants that arrived in the post for Roman. If you want to read about how that went click on 'Read More.'

Again, with the quiet book.

At first Roman kept running away from these pants, even though he'd been very excited about them this morning. He kept going into the bag where  B keeps Roman's nappies and saying 'NAPPY!' in a really excited tone. 

I ignored this at first but then said to him, "Well, it would be good if you tried these pants Mummy and Daddy have bought for you first. If you don't like them, that's okay but you should at least try them, Roman." He looked at me very sheepishly, put the nappy down and then lay down on the floor for me to put his pants on - I had wanted him to put them on himself but that wasn't going to happen, clearly. 

Well he kept pulling the pants off, which really frustrated me as I thought it was his way of saying he didn't want to do this pant wearing thing. I persisted a few times because I felt it was worth a shot. He also persisted in pulling them down and taking them off ;). He is very fast at pulling them down, which is a good thing I suppose for when he's wearing them full time.

What really threw me was when he kept begging me to put on his vest. He's worn a vest since birth and loves to be dressed, or the process of getting dressed, so I suppose it must have felt strange without one on. I panicked at this vest juncture because I honestly wasn't sure what to do so I thought quick and said; "vests are all done, Roman. Finished." He looked quite pleased at this and repeated my mantra and didn't ask for his vest on. 

My mum told me to offer him plenty to drink, so I did just that...

Luckily, we're blessed with a little boy who loves to drink water so I didn't have to go out and buy special drinks just so he'd take in large amounts of liquid. I offered him a drink quite frequently at first but then panicked that I was diluting his salt and sugar levels and let him drink as and when - which was just as much as I'd offered it ;).

I assumed he'd just pee his pants - like he's done so many times before - but he held it for hours. As he kept pulling the pants off I decided to keep them off, after all it was a warm day and I decided it might be nice for Roman to splash about in his little pool. As I filled the pool from the kitchen sink I brought the potty through to the kitchen and told Roman it was there should he need it.

We had several trips backwards and forwards to the pool with our nice red jug, filling it up, and still there was no pee. Despite him having drank a good pint of water or so. As he paddled in his pool, I hung up my washing to dry and waited for pee - still no pee, not even in the pool :/. 

I considered this to be a good sign - at least he can hold it in and is learning to hold it in. As we came in I decided to keep him naked so I could see if he was going to pee and maybe try to catch it. We snuggled up in a blanket and watched Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium when he pointed to his willy and said, 'PEE PEE!'

I reacted very quickly to this despite him being very snuggled into the blanket by lifting him down and pointing him in the direction of the potty. Well, he didn't get it so I had to lift the potty to him and without any help from me he hopped on. I waited for that sound. The blissful tinkle. 

No sound. No blissful tinkle. No pee pee. Nada.

He began to act really silly after this - when previously was snuggly and tired, almost falling asleep on my knee in fact. He played around on the floor for 30 minutes and then...I heard that noise. It sounds like someone is pouring water onto a carpet. I looked away for maybe 30 seconds and that was all it took.

He peed on the carpet. "Did you forget the potty was there?" I asked, knowing I should probably just say nothing. He looked at me with the biggest grin, pointing to his leg where pee was trickling down. "PEE! PEE!" he screamed in delight. 

I guess that pee was a blessed one because right after he'd peed - even if it was on the carpet - he looked very relieved and was back up for a snuggle after being washed down and put into some clothes. I suppose the 'silly' behaviour might have been him trying to stop the pee from coming, holding it in and keeping himself occupied to keep it in. 

He knew he needed a pee, because he told me he needed's just the potty connection isn't there yet, even though he's quite happily peed in it before (and has made a point of, in the past, crawling over to one of his seats and peeing there, I assume mistaking it for his pot pot.)

Reflections on today:

Roman has demonstrated that he can hold in a pee, for a very long time. He can go prolonged periods without wetting himself and now just needs to make the connection that if he's bursting for a pee, he makes sure to get to the potty or toilet in time.

I think we're really going to have to help him with this but one thing is for sure; that boy can get those pants down quicker than I can count to 3. He's also very capable of pulling his jeans up and down provided me or B unbuttons them for him. I can live with that. 

What we need to do is set aside some time where we just do this regime over a couple of days and making sure vests are tucked away and that all the nappies are gone completely. I haven't tested going nappy free for naps and bedtime - and I admit I'm scared to take that leap while he's still in a cot and not waking up dry in the mornings (but definitely dry during naps.) We'll see what the next few days bring but I think we're getting closer to being nappy free - I think we should throw a party when we're done ;).