Saturday, 24 March 2012

Love My Little Grub.


A busy day of chasing cousins, playing in sand, eating everything in sight (that is dairy free, of course) and sunshine brought home to me this little man. Full of smiles, chatter and dirt.

We got a new PC a few days ago, which has taken about a good week to get parts and for Bryan to set up (so we could cut corners and save a bit of cash.) When Roman got back from his grandparents today he was bewildered at this new contraption sitting where his toy box is usually housed ;).

"CHAIR!" he squealed in delight, closely followed by; "WANT DRINK!" 

Looks like we need to work on his manners a little more ;).

And in other news: I very nearly didn't get a picture today. I have been very sick since my trip to the dentist - which I'm hoping is coincidental (no pun intended) and not related...or maybe I'm hoping it is related so that I'm not struck down with a horrible throat-closing sickness that I've had once before. Being sick is so much fun. Well I'm just grateful I'm nowhere near a hospital, that is something to celebrate :).