Thursday, 22 March 2012

Piano Man.


We have an amazing app called 'Piano Perfect' on Bryan's tablet. And when I watch Roman's hands sail down the 'keys' I can't help but be reminded of the first time my younger brother, at the age of 7, played a few keys and then began to play a song, followed by another song, another and then another.

We were all amazed with his talent and to this day if you tell him to play a song, provided he's heard the tune, he'll be able to play it. He actually didn't learn to read music or play 'properly' until he was 15 when he took lessons from a Senior Missionary at church, at which point he'd been playing the church hymns on the piano for a good few years. My brother can also play the guitar by ear, too! I really hope Roman inherits some of those mad music skills, he certainly shows the same dexterity in his hands as well as making up his own lovely little delicate tunes (as opposed to most toddlers just slamming keys.) 

We shall see. I don't read too deeply into things and as children's tastes develop over the years we'll see how this one works out ;).