Wednesday, 21 March 2012



Lest we forget, he's always there to remind us to pray. 

Yep, in 2012, there is a family that prays. I know many. I can't help it, we're Mormon. We have never enforced our beliefs onto Roman - and never will - he just copies what he see's and is happy to say a dozen or so little mumbly prayers each day with his arms folded like this. He'll go to a quiet spot; a little corner or near toys, fold his arms, sometimes bow his head and he'll begin a little prayer of his own.

When food comes into the room he'll exclaim; "PRAYER!" and fold his arms, waiting for us to pray and give a special blessing and thanks for our food. When he is all dressed up and ready to go he'll shout; "PRAYER!" and again, have his arms folded. At night it's "Scip-tures" (reading our holy scriptures, something we do every night as a family.) And after scip-tures we'll get a little excited; "PRAYER!" and a little man waiting, arms folded, for his family prayer. 

To me prayer is a way of communicating with my Heavenly Father. He's my biggest confidante - he knows everything. I spill my hurts, trials, triumphs, secrets and everything in between. And admittedly there are times when I forget to pray - that is until Roman reminds me with this little pose ;).