Thursday, 29 March 2012

What's Dis?


He's never seen cress up close and personal like this so he was very interested in inspecting this alien green plant ;).

Roman is fantastic at helping; shopping arrives? He's on the case. Handing me every single item he can get his chubby fingers round and even attempting to lift the items he can't quite grab or pick up. He watches everything I do.

Yesterday I posted a picture of him attempting to wear my bra on my Facebook page here and as I uploaded the photo and the comments came flooding in I wondered to myself, "when has he ever seen me putting on a bra?" and it dawned on me; all the time!

While I'm not a naturalist who loves to exhibit their naked flesh or flash my knickers at my guests, I'm not going to be a prude around my two year old. There will of course be a natural age where I will find it inappropriate to be naked or dress in front of him but for now I'm comfortable with things as they are.

As for Roman? He is ultra observant. He follows our examples and imitates our behaviours and with that I'm really trying to be the force for good.