Monday, 23 July 2012

Fruit = Nectar of Toddlers.

Fruit is natures way of telling us, 'hey you guys, you don't need sugar laden diets!' but sometimes we're a little reluctant to believe that. That is until we get our chompers round our favourite fruits, of course. 

Roman's favourites are interchangeable; one week it'll be grapes, cherries or bananas and the next he'll be begging - and today, crying - for oranges. He loves oranges right now and I'm happy. They're my favourite fruit and seem to be extra juicy and tasty right now. "Mmm, lubbly orange!" Roman said as he stuffed three pieces into his mouth all at once. "Like that, Roman." 

I was just happy that he was happy. Today has been hard, so very hard. Screaming, screaming and more screaming from morning until dinner time - no, no, no has been the order of the day. I've never ever seen him so angry before, so defiant and yet so vulnerable. Once we were out, getting rained on from a great height but not caring because we were outside, everything was well. I think the problem was that he was hungry but honestly it could be anything, take your pick. I just know that if he's this upset tomorrow then I'll be spending my day peeling oranges ;).