Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Ro Ro Style.

Allowing him the freedom of dressing himself while I sort, organise and tidy our bedroom for our trip tomorrow.

Roman chose his summer hat, pyajama top that he already had on, a pair of grey and red stripe jogging bottoms and matching dinosaur boots. I was impressed with his matching clothes; something I'm no good at as I just throw on clothes that are comfortable.

Roman seems to really enjoy the freedom of self dressing, he has since he was months old, and I have totally indulged this but there has always been a little struggle with getting trousers all the way up. Well today he mastered this, for the first time ever. He was oh so pleased with himself and was even more delighted that I'd witnessed this event, too. "YAY!" he cheered himself, realising what he'd accomplished. I couldn't help myself and burst into a chorus of cheers and 'woohoo's', which very much pleased this little man. Oh how proud I am in these moments - and always.