Friday, 20 July 2012


On the train to Stirling this afternoon with my dear boy and lovely husband on a sunny day. It was a good trial run for the journey we're going to be taking next week to Inverness* on the train - and then in the car for several hours to Thurso - and I'm feeling a lot better about the journey we're going to take after this trial run. He's grown since the last journey we took; emotionally, as well as physically.

Roman loves to have a seat to himself. I hope our train next week won't be packed so he can have this little luxury.

*Bryan thinks if I put 'we're going on the train to Inverness' that people will rob us. Because we won't be home. I quickly reminded him that anyone who doesn't know us doesn't know where we live and those who do know where we live will be on the list of suspects. Plus; in this neighbourhood? I think he has it confused with our previous area.