Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Roman has a great-gran, who is my gran and my mother's mother. She is 81 years young on Sunday and although she told me, when I was 9, that you shouldn't ask a lady her age I'm marking this record for Roman. I also think it's something to celebrate; old age is a gift and something not a lot of people reach either through poor health or circumstance. 

As Roman signed (or drew all over) his great grans card (pictured below) I told him that he was fortunate to have a great gran in his life. My own great gran was killed a month before I was born and I've always felt like it would have been a great thing to meet and know her - to tell people, 'I have a great gran!' and to take pride in this fact. I know that you're only 2 years old, Roman, but I think it's wonderful to have a living legacy and I hope you appreciate this as you grow.