Sunday, 9 September 2012

200 MPH.

200 MPH is the speed at which Roman speaks. And when he gets going, he truly gets going. He's so like me in a lot of ways and then in other ways he's totally surprised me. Wherever he goes, he is admired. And yes, I know he's two, two is cute...but it's not that. It's him, all him. His personality can't fail to make you smile - or you know I like to think so and I hope I am not imagining this.

See, when I was a child people didn't like me. Not until they knew me, the 'real' me...because apparently I give off this prickly outer layer defense mechanism thing. I transitioned into a teenager who shuffled their way through high school without making any genuine friends that I kept in contact with and then came adulthood and boyfriends - and we all know that's one big ball of awkwardness. And if you don't know that; it is. 

But even though I know growing up was a series of embarrassing moments one to the next for myself I really hope it's not the same for Roman. I hope he's mature enough to handle the things that come his way and I really hope that he doesn't lose sight of the personality he can potentially grow into; influential, approachable, sociable, open, confident, controlled and mature. I see it in his no-holds-barred conversations with me, I see it in his cheeky attempts to get what he wants, I feel his spirit communicating with mine and whispering about the future. Oh it's so exciting, this life with this family of mine.