Sunday, 30 September 2012


Roman's room seems to go through phases of light, airy and spacious to cramped, full of crap and somewhere I can't even open the door on and feel proud of. Well over the past few weeks it's gone through the 'cramped, full of crap and somewhere I can't even open the door on and feel proud of' phase...what can I say? We're teens at heart. But guilt over came me this weekend and I set about remedying the situation in his he can have space.

I moved the bed so it's facing the door, rather than right next to it. His clothes are where his bed used to be and in the above photo, some of his toys live in those storage containers, right next to his bed. When I announced to Bryan that I was going to finish up cleaning and sorting Ro's room he looked at me oddly then said; "But that's not a Sunday thing." My reply? "Well it needs to be a Sunday thing because I won't be able to get it done any other time." So I disappeared into the cave to beautify a space for our boy. I prefer to organise, sort and clean on my own because it turns into a time where I can work out problems in my head and alone, getting on with the things that need done.

However Roman is becoming increasingly 'helpful' these days and insists on being present to assist me with anything that might need done. I'm glad of that because when I was a child I wasn't very organised, clean or helpful. In fact I used to stuff things into my wardrobe, throw them under my bed, sit on my bed with a book and keep an ear out for my mum coming up the stairs to check on my cleaning efforts. Roman, please stay 'helpful', please continue to 'put toys away, put toys away, keep going, keep going' and well I won't mind if you have a mild case of cleaning OCD* ;).

*Disclaimer: I don't like OCD jokes because real life OCD is not fun to live with, let me tell you...but you know I'm trying to get into this frame of mind that everything should be joked about because it will at least be talked about. Please don't send me hate emails!