Monday, 24 September 2012


I love city life, because I don't have to live in a city ;).

Press 'read more' to you know, read more ;).

For a little while now I've been bored of the same routine; we'd wake up, have our cereal, get dressed, go out somewhere, have lunch, Roman would sleep while I worked or did housework, I'd wake Roman from a nap and then Bryan would come home. Dinner, TV, brush teeth and then bed. I felt myself chomping at the bit to do something different, even if it meant getting away for a few days to see my family who live just under 2 hours away.

It's strangely refreshing what a change of scenery and change of pace can do for me. I feel calmer, rested, relaxed and Roman's mood seems to match mine while we're away and then for the few days after we get back. I'm always happy to go somewhere but oh coming home is oh so sweet, too. 

Well, well what an adventure today turned out to be. Roman woke very early at 7.22am. I had to blink to make sure I was really seeing that hour on my phone - I know, you're probably up way before this, but I'm not. It's not our usual routine and it throws me whenever he occasionally gets up before Bryan. Luckily my brother was here and he got up with Ro, letting me sleep in until after 9am.

I woke, ate, decided to put a wash into my machine and then watched as it leaked water. I tried to access my emails, locked my brothers mouse and forgot my recently re-set password...not the best start but I was still determined that today was going to be a good day. We left shortly after I woke and half way to the train station I realised I'd forgotten the packed lunch I'd made for Roman - it was turning out to be one of those days. We got on the train and that's where the drama stopped; the rain poured down on the train, battering the windows and the cows we passed kept Ro amused for our journey. When we got into Glasgow  we took a few steps to our left and caught a lift down to our next train. Simple, stress and drama free travelling - every parent's dream.

I let him be free of the buggy so he could get a good view of his surroundings. To say he was overjoyed at this freedom is an understatement ;). And yes, of course, Mr. Orlov travelled with us.

Seeing as this was part of the view I'm convinced that Roman was more excited about the fact he was buggy-free and sitting on a bumpy train that made lots of funny and new noises. This is Scotland, folks, and more importantly; this is Glasgow. It's a lovely city I'm sure but there are a lot of high rises and well there's the weather. It's not tropical or anything to report on; just lots of rain and dark clouds. Though that's just Scotland for you.

We paid a visit to my gran and it was wonderful. I kept urging Roman to cuddle her and bring her things and she kept chiming in; "Let him come to me in his own time, I don't want to force him." It reminded me of the gentle years of my childhood, the times spent in her home and the non-threatening way she dealt with us. In fact I can't think of a time where my gran has ever shouted at us...I need to learn to be like this.

At the end of the night I lifted Roman onto her lap and he was a little strange with this. I also got some video footage (which we've watched over and over since our return) of Ro and my gran and he keeps asking me "want great granny! Want to watch great granny!" and yes...he's finally mastered the great gran thing, though I'm not entirely sure he understands the concept of a great gran. I remember the last time we visited, and shamefacedly it was in January! I really hope my grandchildren don't take so long to visit me with their great grandchildren in the future ;).

Roman was also entranced with Uncle Jim and as soon as he entered the room? Roman was totally obsessed with watching everything he did. He wasn't strange with him for long before he was up on the sofa and offering his cheek to be kissed. He also spent a considerable amount of time cuddling up to my sister and her boyfriend (who he calls uncle) because this boy? Well he's just one big sook!

We put Roman down for a sleep a little later than usual; he was sweaty, sleepy and sweet. And very excited to be with a doggy who put up with being poked, prodded and followed - oh that poor dog and what he had to endure.

I fell into bed all laughed out, relaxed, happy and thinking to myself; tomorrow is going to be a good day.

This photo was from Wednesday (26th September, 2012) but this is Aunty Jeannette learning Roman's 'cool' slogan ;). Our trip was fantastic, I wish I could do it all over again!