Monday, 3 September 2012

'Want Lolly.'

I know I shouldn't indulge the cheeky you (and I often succeed at not doing so) but today after your nap you raced to the kitchen; begging for rice cakes, biscuits and lollipops. It's nearly been a year since you had your first ever lolly, from this batch of lollies that sit in our kitchen, and you haven't looked back since. Almost every time you spot them, you'll ask for one and often I tell you that lollies are special and you don't get them every time you ask...still you persist to ask ;).

So as I handed you a lolly I decided to sink the sugar ship and give you a biscuit with it, too. We're not a household that has a lot of sugar laden treats so I don't sweat the small treats you do have. I know that when you're an older child, a teen and an adult that you'll make wise food choices because I have complete confidence in our parenting that we'll guide you towards the choices that will lead you to good health. But please, enjoy your food and don't feel like you can't enjoy it. There's a whole world of tastes out there, waiting for you, and lollies? They're just the tip of the iceberg, my son.