Thursday, 27 September 2012

A Little of What We Fancy.

I headed out of the door very late today - so late that the shops were long closed on the high street - and wrapped Roman up in a hand knitted hoody, jacket and for extra warmth I threw a blanket on top of his knees and tucked him in. Oh it was crisp, but it was cold - autumn is here and it won't be long until winter nips our hands and feet.

When we were shopping I spotted some vegan cakes in the supermarket and snapped them up. "Vegan cake! Vegan cake! Vegan cake!" Roman chanted on the walk home, tucking into a (synthetic) cream cake all the while. My reasoning is that a little of what we fancy won't harm us...and it makes me laugh that people can accuse me of 'depriving' Roman because we don't feed him McDonalds, Burger King meals or Kinder chocolate products. If only they saw these moments of indulgence and just how much there is for little vegan boys to be treated with.