Saturday, 22 September 2012

Aleksandr Orlov.

There is a popular advert featuring a meerkat called Aleksandr Orlov, from Meerkovo, and Roman adores when we spotted him sitting on the shelf of a charity shop, fairly new looking we obviously snapped him up. When I handed him to Roman he was delighted and instantly he put him into shoes, took pictures of him and covered him in kisses.

The first time they met.

"Shoes on, meerkat."

Roman's portrait of his buddy Alexsandr.

In the shop me and Bryan clapped eyes on the toy, both thinking exactly the same thing and with Bryan voicing our mutual thoughts; "I bet Ro will take this meerkat into bed with him." Yep, that's exactly where he headed tonight and it's where all loved toys go to rest. In fact I decided we'd keep this toy 'good' and not offer it at bedtime but of course the screaming, tears and refusal to sleep played out and I caved. He got the toy in bed with him...not that it helped as a three hour cycle of be put to bed, cry and scream, get up was then in place.