Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Bryan is doing very well at college, but Roman does miss him now that he see's less of his much loved dada. He's dealt with the change very well; he doesn't break down in tears or sad emotions when Bryan leaves or when he realises he's gone (unlike Bryan's first day at college) and I feel closer to Roman; I feel like I'm getting to really see him grow up and be a part of it. I thought that seeing less of Bryan would be hard and the thought of him going to college daunted me...but we're doing okay :). 

I have always felt on a somewhat uneven keel when it comes to motherhood; I can't handle the noise of children, the smells they bring, the things they do that drive me crazy and I let all the little things eat at me until I want to scream. I don't always do or say the right things and it seems to take me double the time than it does for Bryan to get things done. But we're doing okay. We're getting stuff done, we're having fun and I'm letting go of all those little things that drive me crazy. And Roman? He's benefiting from it all. Bryan is happier, there is always a fresh topic of conversation every time he comes in the door, there is a thirst for knowledge and at the end of all this he'll have better opportunities. Knowledge is everything. And I hope Roman is learning from this example in his life.