Thursday, 12 January 2012

State of Independence.


It is such a joy - and a little heart breaking - to watch your toddler become more and more independent. To stand back and observe the lessons they've learned rather than dive in and help them straight away.

He's nearly 2 and has been left alone with a spoon and a bowl several times but needs more practice and that's why I'm happy to stand back and let the learning commence. Even if it is a horribly messy end result*.

P.S: I got a Facebook page up and running for my blog! 

I'm just trying it out over here but I didn't like the idea of spamming friends and other family on my Facebook profile with links to my blog every day - plus a lot more people I know use Facebook than have blogs so it keeps everyone in the loop. 

Feel like joining us over there? Check it out here.

*And may I just add you'll need a lot of restraint, patience, love and baby wipes!

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